Passport Mobile
what does the app cost?
Nothing; the app is offered for FREE! We'd love it if all our members with an iOS device would download it - we think the app is a really neat way to find participating merchants and restaurants and hope you will too!
who is the app for?
The Passport Mobile app is designed to be used by current Passport members: folks who have a Passport Dining, Passport Corporate, or Passport Lifestyle membership card. The app is a convenient tool to help members find the nearby restaurants and merchants who will honor thier membership card.

Since a Passport membership card is required to sign into the app, you won't find the app all that useful if you are not a Passport member. Sorry.
what does the app do?
The Passport Mobile app uses your iPhones' GPS location to display a map or listing of membership discounts and participating restaurants nearby you.

The app offers a number of settings; allowing you to search in other areas, search using keywords, or filter the results found by category and cuisine.

You may also use the app to get the details of any merchant or restaurant offer, visit the website, call or get driving directions on your iPhone.
what about other phones?
Our statistics show that an overwhelming majority of Passport members with smartphones are using iOS devices, so we built our iPhone app first. However; we are working on an Android app and a Windows Phone 7 app, too! If you have one of these phones, watch your membership website for an announcement when these apps become available.
do I have to install this?
Nope. Your Passport membership card will be accepted at local merchants and restaurants whether or not you have the app. You can always check the website for your membership program to find participating merchants or print a list. Of course, we think the iPhone app might be more convenient, but...
other questions...
Have something else you want to ask? Call (800) 535-8502 or email for assistance.