Supporting businesses, institutions and individuals in building their most valuable relationships. 

Our Vision

Passport Unlimited’s goal is to connect customers and businesses together through our exclusive collection of restaurants, merchants, hotels and entertainment venues. We deliver programs which support individuals, businesses and institutions in building and strengthening their most valuable relationships.

The Team Behind Passport

Roger Blier

CEO and Co-Founder


“Relationships are the DNA of Passport Unlimited. We take great pride in delivering world class wins for our clients. Talent, integrity, character and heart are the traits we bring to our clients every day!”

Steve Esau

Vice President of Sales


“Relationships are our business’ most valuable asset. We celebrate the successes of all our customers while staying committed to faithfully sharing the fruit of these relationships with people that are less fortunate in our community.”

Richard Mueller

Vice President of Operations


“Strong relationships enable us to make a difference in the lives of our customers and clients. The value of these connections provides us the base on which we grow our business.”

Kelsey Garner

Director of Marketing


“Doing the little things – treating our clients with respect, conducting myself with integrity and communicating effectively, is the best way I can build value for our clients.”

Danielle Merriam

Director of Member Relations


“Relationships are built on trust. Every day I have the unique opportunity to save our clients both time and money and they trust me to deliver the very best value in both.”

Lori Strankowski

Director of Sales


“Relationships are about ensuring each day that I treat my clients as I want to be treated; with integrity, passion, commitment and dedication.”

Cindy McDonald

Director of Finance


“As a client of Passport, it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, you’ll be treated with integrity and respect. It’s what sets us apart in the marketplace.”

Grant Arnold

Director of Technology


“Relationships are strengthened by mutual understanding. This principle makes building and improving our technology tools a tangibly rewarding experience.”