Exclusive member benefits at some of the area’s top restaurants. 

VIP Dining Benefits

Whether you’re enjoying an old favorite, or exploring a new option, you’ll be welcomed as a distinguished guest at participating locations.

Discreet Redemption

Enjoy discreet and professional redemption each time you use your membership. Your dining companions will only know you’re saving if you tell them!

Return on Investment

It’s easy to earn back the cost of your membership. Save thousands throughout the year with dining, shopping and travel benefits.

Unleash the Power of a Passport Card

Individual Members – Testimonials

Passport Dining

What it is:

Our basic membership grants cardholders a second entrée complimentary at participating restaurants when dining with a guest.

Our upgraded membership goes beyond dining to provide savings on everything from your morning latté, family vacation, car repairs and much more.

How it works:

At the end of your meal, simply include your membership card with your method of payment to receive your benefits.

Your savings are applied discreetly, and your dining companions will only know you’re saving if you tell them!

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Net savings is based on a card cost of $150.

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