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Retailer Marketing

Showcase your brand to

our exclusive member base

Passport's network connects your business to a targeted demographic of 700,000+ members and employees with customized marketing options that meet the needs of your individual business and drives brand awareness.

Why join the Passport network?

Passport's network connects our exclusive member base to your brand in a private setting that drives targeted business and customer loyalty. By offering an exclusive perk to our member base you're not only incentivizing them to shop with you, but also creating goodwill with a desirable audience and building lasting, quality customers.


Passport's marketplace is a private, member-only network. You control your brand strategy with an offer that is only visible to Passport's specific, targeted demographic.


Our program offers a unique B2B marketing opportunity by connecting your business with many of the most desirable corporations in the nation – delivered as corporate perks to their employee base.


Passport provides employee perks to small, mid-size and large corporations. Tap into a member base that can't be reached anywhere else.

How it works:

1) Create Offer

You offer a unique discount to our members. It must be an exclusive offer not available to the general public.

2) Develop Marketing Plan

A Passport representative will help you develop your brand marketing and listing content based on your business needs. Whether you’re looking for help with small business marketing or you’re a large global brand with an established marketing approach, we’re here to help to develop the right plan for you.

3) Go Live

We connect your business with our exclusive member-base and employees. Members shop via our program website and mobile app for everything from everyday items to vacations and larger purchase items such as new cars.

4) Track Results

Track your success with Passport's customized toolkit that features one-stop access to reporting for your listing. Your reporting can be pulled by custom intervals and features the number of impressions and clicks your offer has received, click traffic by client/employee program and more.

Our Program Features


Your listing reaches members through a closed, private website. Your offer listing will include your discount offer. We make it easy for employees to find your business through relevant categories and keywords.


Passport's member base is extremely engaged in the program with an average email opt-in rate of 70%. We use email to connect featured and new offers from our participating merchants to our member base.

Mobile App

Your listing will also be posted in the mobile app. Employees can search the offers nearest to them (either via map view or list view) and can also search by relevant categories and keywords to find your business.


Passport sends smartphone and desktop notifications to our member base to promote featured offers, seasonal offers and hot deals from our participating businesses.

Hot Deals

Promote short-term offers to our members on top of your ongoing discount to meet your business's seasonal needs.

Featured Marketing

Gain further brand recognition and exposure by opting for additional internet marketing or mobile graphic banner placements.

"Passport Unlimited is our highest grossing online client with thousands of members enjoying the fine arts as a corporate benefit each year. Talk about a morale booster for your workforce!"


“Passport Unlimited is a leading partner for increasing our brand awareness, exposure and engagement, and driving traffic to our sites. Our mission is to deliver unforgettable experiences and value, and we’re delighted to share our exclusive discounts on theme parks, entertainment, hotels and more to Passport Unlimited members.”


“Passport is the dream team!! We are having an amazing start….Almost halfway through the year and we are doing great!”