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Incorporating Spa and Massage Treatments in a Benefits Package

Office spa benefits and supplies

The best way to keep your employees feeling healthy, happy, and productive is to show them you care. Showing that you care includes allowing them to take time off for medical appointments, provide health services on-site, or offer a "wellness program" of sorts.

One effective way to do this is by providing spa visits as an employee benefit. A day at the spa has been shown to help lower stress levels and reduce symptoms of depression in less than one hour—benefits that will last all day long!

The benefits of offering this type of perk are two-fold: not only does it make employees feel cared for and loved, but it also helps with productivity! Employees who experience higher levels of happiness have been found to be more motivated in their work.

Curious about how to include spa and massage treatments into your benefits package? Read on and find out!

Make It an Employee-of-the-Month Reward
Employee of the month award

Interested in boosting productivity without the risk of burnout or a sudden caffeine energy crash? Employee-of-the-Month vouchers might just be what you're looking for. For every month that an employee meets their quota, they'll receive one voucher, which can then be redeemed at any spa location within your network, for example. Or you can go the more traditional route and give one spa voucher for the Employee of the Month.

Being able to take time out, even just for one day, can be so beneficial. We all need that occasional moment of peace and relaxation in order to fully enjoy life after the hectic workdays are over with. More importantly, we also need those moments as they help us keep our mental focus sharpened when returning to reality. That is why having an employee reward system could really make a difference!

Whether it's using these to stay on top of the game during work hours, investing them into some well-deserved relaxation time after completing your day’s tasks, this is sure to help keep employees energized and motivated throughout each long week.

Bring a Massage to the Workplace
Person receiving a back massage

A chair massage is a wonderful way to remove stress and depression from the workplace. The process of performing a chair massage on someone only takes about 15-30 minutes, so it's easy for most people who do not have much time in between their workdays anyway. They can set one up during their break or lunch period, so it shouldn’t pose too much of a logistical challenge.

It’s also just a fantastic way to show your employees that you care about them and all the hard work they’re doing, as well as your commitment to their health and well-being.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to spa and massage treatments, the sky's the limit. Incorporating these services into your benefits package for employees is a great way to show that you care about their well-being as much as they do. Another idea? Set up a monthly "massage at work" day where staff has access to free chair massages in designated areas of the office. That will be an excellent motivator for them during those long hours spent hunched over their desks!

At Passport Unlimited, we can connect you with these businesses. Give us a call today if you're interested in finding out more information on how we can help your company stand out from others by offering unique incentives like massage or spa treatments. With local, national, and international partners, we’ll be able to find the package that best suits your needs!